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How Long Should you Retain your Tax Records?

You should keep your tax records for at least three years from the date you file your tax return. The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) generally has three years to assess […]

Losses from a Wash Sale are Not Deductible.

Wash sales may look like a good way to claim a tax deduction, but looks can be deceiving. A wash sale takes place when you sell or dispose of a […]

To File or Not to File …

The tax return filing deadline for individuals, trusts, and estates is not until April 18 this year due to the Emancipation Day holiday in Washington D.C. However, if you haven’t […]

Ruling on Market Based Sourcing Dispenses with Traditional Doctrine – My Customer’s Customers are Not My Customers

While the issue of whether the enemy of my enemy is my friend has always been controversial, the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) ended all discourse concerning whether or not […]

Entrepreneurs – What Can You Deduct and When?

Starting a new business is exciting but an event that often comes with significant start-up costs, including employee training and paying for rent, utilities, marketing, and more. The anxious entrepreneur […]

Pension Payouts – Lump-Sum or Annuity?

Estate planning and retirement planning go hand in hand. The presumption here is that the more wealth you set aside for retirement, the more you’ll have left for your family […]

Sales Tax Planning Allows Building Boxes More Efficiently

Ask any accountant and they will tell you how tired they are of the stereotype that we are math geniuses. You don’t need to be a geometry expert to help […]

Estate Planning Critical with a Second Marriage

Estate planning for second marriages presents a higher level of complexity than merely revisiting your will and making the appropriate changes. If you’ve been married more than once, and especially […]

Tax Fraud, Refunds and the Easter Bunny

We finally made it to spring and all of us tax types are working hard to get everyone their well-deserved tax refunds. So you ask, what does the Easter Bunny […]