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Keeping Paperless and Balancing Workflow with a Hybrid Admin Team

The recent surge in paperless and remote working has really opened our eyes to the benefits of some modern and more efficient methods of working. Out of necessity due to […]

What’s Next for Events?

As we continue to face unprecedented times, the “traditional” in-person event is still in question. At the same time, many are also experiencing Zoom fatigue. You may ask, What’s the […]

The New Auditor’s Report is Coming! The New Auditor’s Report is Coming!

There is a new auditor’s report coming for the 2021 engagements! Here are some highlights: The order of the paragraphs has been rearranged with the report leading with the Opinion. […]

Little Used Zoom Tools for Maximum Learner Engagement

Although virtual training has been around for 25 years, everyone was forced to embrace it within the last 18 months. Most often, polls and chats are the go-to tools for […]

DOL Offers Best Practices to Defend ERISA Covered Retirement Plans from Cyberattack

The many millions of dollars in assets currently housed in employee benefit plans is cause enough to expect the most inventive cybercriminals to take their best shot. To add further […]

Scholarships are Usually Tax Free but May Result in Taxable Income

If your child is fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship, you may wonder about the tax implications. Fortunately, scholarships (and fellowships) are generally tax free for students at elementary, […]

Considering or planning a move? You may want to consider moving your trust with you.

You and your spouse have decided that the both of you are done with the city life and now want a change of scenery. There is a town in another […]

Brand Crisis Management – It Starts with Preparation

At one time or another, all businesses will face a brand crisis of some kind, and in an age of pandemics and cyberattacks, it is becoming even more common and […]

Potential Tax Savings for Pass-through Entity Owners

If you receive income from a pass-through entity (PTE) such as a partnership, an S Corporation, or a multi-member limited liability company, you could potentially lower your federal personal income […]