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Restricted Securities – FMV No Longer Discounted for Contractual Restriction

What’s New? Good news! We no longer need to factor in a contractual restriction prohibiting the sale of an equity security when estimating the fair value of that security. Let’s […]

Applying the Research Tax Credit Against Payroll Taxes

The credit for increasing research activities, often referred to as the research and development (R&D) credit, is a valuable tax break available to eligible businesses. Claiming the credit involves complex […]

Is a Spendthrift Trust Right for You?

Do you have a loved one to whom you want to leave money or assets to but who may not be financially responsible? A spendthrift trust may be an appropriate […]

5 Quick Ways to Evaluate Training

One of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of your training programs is to regularly evaluate employees to determine their attitudes, understanding, and application of the course content to […]

Important Pass-Through Entity Tax Deadlines

Following up on my earlier blog Pass-Through Entity Tax Election – Don’t Wait Until Next Year to Decide, here are quick reminders for upcoming deadlines for the Pass-Through Entity Tax […]

Leveraging the 7 Types of Internal Workplace Communications

In our first video blog, James Knoebel explores ways for organizations to formulate a multifaceted communications approach to effectively reach all employees. To succeed, businesses must first recognize how different […]

Understand the Tax Mechanics in the Sale of Trade or Business Property

What are the tax consequences of selling property used in your trade or business? There are many rules that can potentially apply to the sale of business property. To simplify […]

Seven Key Tips for Managing Interns

By offering internships, firms are hoping to identify talent for potential full-time hires. Creating a mutually rewarding relationship between the firm and interns requires effective management practices. In this blog, […]

Baseline GAAP for Digital Assets

Digital Assets (DA) is defined as, “Any asset that is purely digital, or is a digital representation of a physical asset.”1 DAs are formatted into a binary source and have […]