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Why Would a Married Couple File Separate Tax Returns?

If you’re married, you may wonder whether you should file joint or separate tax returns. The answer depends on your individual tax situation. In general, it depends on which filing […]

More About CRT—Small Business Tax Credit & Voluntary Disclosure

In my previous blog, I talked about the basics of the New York City Commercial Rent Tax (CRT). In today’s article, I want to talk about two issues that were […]

Navigating the Complexities of Professional License Compliance

As a professional license holder, you spent a great deal of time, money, and energy to attain your credential. Make sure you are up to date with your license’s compliance […]

Defer Tax with a Like-Kind Exchange

Do you want to sell commercial or investment real estate that has appreciated significantly? One way to defer a tax bill on the gain is with a Section 1031 “like-kind” […]

Five Talent Acquisition Approaches in a Competitive Market

The competition for talent is fierce these days. In any market, finding the right person for the right job is no simple task, and it requires an organized and well-reasoned […]

Considering a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance is one of many financial instruments out there. Its primary purpose is to provide a financial benefit to the dependents of the insured. I remember during my childhood, […]

Considerations When Converting Your Home into a Rental Property

In some cases, homeowners decide to move to new residences, but keep their present homes and rent them out. If you’re thinking of doing this, you’re probably aware of the […]

New Yorkers: Determining State Residency Can Have Substantial Tax Consequences

If you have been reading Berdon blogs regularly, you may be familiar with the importance of state residency for state income tax purposes. Determining residency matters because a resident is […]

Data Science: A Missed Opportunity for Real Estate

Many real estate firms, owners, and investors are missing out on the opportunity of leveraging the advantages of data science. Based on a 2019 KPMG PropTech Survey, only 25% of […]