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Am I a Real Estate Professional?

In this post, I will cover the real estate professional rules for tax purposes. What does it mean to be a real estate professional? How does a taxpayer become one? […]

Handling State Tax Filing Delinquencies via Voluntary Disclosure

As a state and local tax professional, I often advise clients on their state tax filing requirements from a prospective perspective (i.e., analyzing the state tax implications of potential business […]

Why You Don’t Want Just A “Help Desk” At Your Office

From time to time, someone will ask me: “Why don’t you guys call yourselves the Help Desk anymore?” Usually, I smile and say something like: “Because we aren’t just a […]

Keeping Paperless and Balancing Workflow with a Hybrid Admin Team

The recent surge in paperless and remote working has really opened our eyes to the benefits of some modern and more efficient methods of working. Out of necessity due to […]