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What Is the 179D Deduction, and How Can You Benefit?

The 179D deduction is not new, but the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) changed its application and mechanics while greatly increasing the maximum potential benefit. This post is an overview of […]

Corporate Culture and Hybrid/Remote Work

According to a 2022 McKinsey survey of 25,000 people, 58% of all Americans report having the opportunity to work from home at least one day per week. About 35% report […]

Retirement and Estate Planning Under the Secure Act

The SECURE Act (the Act), enacted at the end of 2019, introduced sweeping changes to retirement plans. Estate planning revolving around retirement plan benefits has changed since the Act took […]

NYC Resident Owners of a Pass-through Entity May Benefit from the New York City Pass-Through Entity Tax

In the past year, many states adopted pass-through entity tax legislation as a workaround for the federal $10,000 state and local tax deduction cap. Currently, more than half of the […]

Strategize for Next Year – No Time Like the Present

As a tax advisor, I am regularly in a position where I wish I knew about certain events earlier. With time, I can generally deal with issues to maximize the […]

Client Service (or its lack) Directly Impacts Business

You’ve probably heard the words “exceeding client expectations” more than you’ve ever wanted to hear them in your life. And yet, we’ll bet you vividly remember the last time someone […]

Hispanic Heritage Month and the Value of Recognizing and Celebrating Our Many Cultures

September 15th marked the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, a unique date designated to celebrate and recognize our country’s rich Hispanic Heritage. The start date was chosen as a nod […]

Up to the Minute – Leases

It’s not too late! We still have Q4 to nail down adopting FASB Topic ASC 842, Leases. Here are our latest thoughts and current events. How can we help? We […]

Should a Revocable Living Trust be Part of Your Estate Plan?

Estate planning can be a complicated matter, with many things to consider during the process. One consideration is the various types of trusts available to the individual. Among these is […]