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Berdon LLP Joins the New York Mets and Learn Fresh at Citi Field for Math Hits Program

8.3.21 | Press Release

NEW YORK – Berdon LLP Accountants and Advisors (Berdon) is proud to partner with the NY Mets and Learn Fresh, a non-profit that leverages students’ passions for sports and entertainment to make learning fun, to offer New York City middle school students an insightful and impactful summer education program focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and social-emotional learning.

After launching a successful program with the NBA, Learn Fresh has partnered with the NY Mets to kick off a similar program, called Math Hits, that builds on students’ love of baseball to further their education and broaden their math and STEM-related skills. By incorporating a fantasy baseball tournament with important math principles, Math Hits enhances students’ foundational math skills. In addition to increasing the students’ interest and knowledge of STEM, the Math Hits program also encourages and rewards sportsmanship—promoting fairness, respecting opponents, and staying positive win or lose—resulting in a comprehensive experience for all.

“Working with Learn Fresh and the NY Mets to help engage and inspire students is something we are very passionate about,” said Berdon Chief Operating Officer, Rebecca Goodman-Stephens. “The Math Hits program encompasses all of Berdon’s core values—including camaraderie and teamwork; continuous education; trust and integrity; respect for others; commitment to excellence; and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are excited about being involved with this program and teaming up with the Mets and Learn Fresh to help motivate and educate New York City students.”

As the sole corporate sponsor of the Math Hits program, Berdon is supporting the Mets and Learn Fresh in their efforts throughout the summer and developed a special program that exposed students to the significant number of opportunities a STEM education can provide them and equipped them with information and tips to help begin to build their personal brands and prepare for their educational and professional futures. The Berdon program, titled Personal Branding and Career Preparedness, took place on Wednesday, July 21st, at Citi Field and follows a similar format as Math Hits by incorporating gaming and teamwork into the education and learning process. Berdon’s involvement aligns with the Firm’s core values of giving back to the community as well as its commitment to continue to promote the benefits of the accounting industry to future generations. As the industry struggles to attract new and diverse professionals, Berdon is happy to play its part in educating local youth on the many opportunities that an accounting career can provide them and their families.

“We developed the add-on Personal Branding and Career Preparedness program for Math Hits not only to offer students an opportunity to better understand the STEM-related careers available to them, but also to help ensure that they understand the importance of their personal brand and its impact on their professional and financial well-being,” said Berdon Chief Marketing Officer, Frank Vitale. “By focusing on topics such as proper social media etiquette, tips on how to develop a resume and nail an interview, and the basics of understanding credit, we hope to arm the participating students with knowledge and skills that help pave the way for their future success.”

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About Learn Fresh

Learn Fresh is a non-profit organization that inspires students’ STEM and Social-emotional learning through community, play, and rigorous exploration. Developing programs, like Math Hits, Learn Fresh leverages students’ passion for sports and entertainment to make learning fun. Educators and partners looking to get involved or donate to help facilitate similar programs should reach out to info@learnfresh.org or click below: