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From Our Clients

“I had a very complex deal ... Berdon was able to decipher the true economics of the situation and show me what was meaningful, what was unimportant, and when to make a stand.”
Real Estate Development Company
“... they're my contemporaries who understand what it takes to run a family business today.”
President & CEO
Prominent Real Estate Brokerage, Management & Development Company
“We were considering getting involved in another business. [Berdon] put us in touch with their network of people operating in similar businesses. This gave us ... insights we would never have gotten without Berdon's help.”
Telecommunications Company
“After many years, I am still struck by the multiplicity, as well as the quality, of my professional relationships with Berdon.”
Founding Partner
Leading Trust & Estate Law Firm
“When I contacted Berdon, they knew the rules cold, cut through the variables, eliminated the confusion, and gave me the answers I needed.”
Real Estate Management Company
“Whether it is just [one partner] or ... virtually the entire office ... there is never any doubt that the problem is being handled in a centralized fashion through a one-window concept.”
Senior Partner
Powerhouse Family-owned Real Estate Empire