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Who We Are

A Message from Our Managing Partners Who We Are

A Message from Our Managing Partners

Looking back…

It is a humbling experience, to say the least, to be at the helm of an organization as it continues working through its second century of service, and we are keenly aware of the responsibility that comes with our leadership position, especially as it pertains to our clients, our people, and our community.

One cannot mark a milestone of this caliber without looking back. Berdon’s success today would not have happened without the vision of David Berdon, who founded David Berdon & Co. in 1917.

The Firm has since survived two World Wars, the Cold War, the Great Depression, civil unrest, economic booms and busts, and tragedies close to home.We have not only survived, but have thrived, which is a testament to the stable leadership that has driven the Firm over our more than 100-year history. In addition to David Berdon, the Firm has been led by only four other Managing Partners prior to us. These tremendous leaders, to whom we remain extremely grateful, include Maurice Preville, Norman Yellin, David Zack, and Stanley Freundlich.

We are also truly grateful for our committed team of professionals as well as our clients and friends that have played a significant role in shaping our history and helping us prepare for the future.


As we move forward, we continue to be driven by our mission to provide our clients with superior quality tax, accounting, and advisory services, by listening to their issues, solving their problems, and delivering innovative solutions that exceed their expectations. This mission ties to our mantra of Listen. Solve. Do. and extends beyond our clients, as we strive to also serve our people and our community by providing support and guidance that empower and drive success.

We are truly excited about the road ahead as we continue to focus on adapting to market changes, and the subsequent evolution of client needs, through targeted and strategic growth as well as continuous industry and service specialization. As businesses continue to navigate an increasingly complex environment, our professionals strive to be our clients’true business partners—guiding them throughout their journey.

It is essential that stable leadership continues to be primary to our sustainability, and we are confident we will continue to meet this requirement.We are proud to be part of a team that has been, and will continue to be, instrumentalin defining and implementing the vision and future for the Firm—our clients and our people.

Like those who have come before us, we look to constantly move the Firm forward by hiring the best and brightest, and providing top-notch service to our clients. As the needs of our clients evolve, our services will continue to grow in breadth and depth,through:

  • Further industry specialization and enhanced service offerings
  • Expansion into new geographic markets, in large part dependent on where our clients need us to be
  • Ongoing evolution in the tax code and regulations for which we will stay ever watchful and vigilant so that we can keep our clients/friends informed and ahead of change
  • Continuing developments in technology that will enable us to work more efficiently and develop new and better ways to serve our clients’ best interests

We Are Here to Help

The two of us have grown up in this Firm together—we have never worked anywhere else, and for many years, even shared an office. We are thankful for the Berdon professionals and leaders who have made, and continue to make, tremendous efforts to uphold the Firm’s culture, values,and client service standards. We are also grateful to the Berdon clients and referral sources who have trusted us to serve, guide,and collaborate with them throughout our over 100 years of operation. Any questions or suggestions on how we can continually improve are always welcome. We are never more than a phone call or email away–and can be reached at 212-832-0400 or at MBosswick@berdonllp.com and SKotler@berdonllp.com.

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