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Who’s Who In Accounting: Stuart Kotler

08.26.2011 | Long Island Business News

Executive partner Stuart Kotler as close advisor to prominent family businesses is spotlighted in "Who’s Who In Accounting" in LIBN.

Stuart B. Kotler, CPA

A key member of the team that guides the direction of Berdon LLP, Stuart Kotler, CPA is a tax partner and sits on the firm's executive committee.

In a Berdon career spanning more than 25 years, he has become a trusted member of the inner circle at many family organizations. Understanding family dynamics, Kotler's advice runs the gamut from analyzing an intricate tax issue to offering an opinion on a business deal to consulting on a sensitive personal financial matter. He guides family leaders in preparing for the future of the business — offering strategies for growth and transition — and helping them achieve the retirement lifestyle they desire.

Kotler is a close advisor to powerful figures in New York real estate — relied on to develop optimum structures for transactions and watch out for their interests in the heat of negotiations. Kotler helps keep these organizations on course no matter the state of the economy. He advises on acquisitions, joint ventures, and financing with an eye on keeping tax obligations to a minimum. In structuring sales and workouts, he helps clients gain economic benefits and realize opportunities that emerge even in lean times.

Kotler also has wide experience in navigating organizations through the strict guidelines for forming and operating Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). For existing REITs, he advises on meeting the standards essential to retaining REIT status while introducing ways to operate efficiently.

A growing wave of Boomer generation practitioners moving into retirement is presenting both challenges and opportunities for the acocunitng industry, Kotler said.

"Some firms may experience a succession crisis if the retiring leader did not adequetly plan for transition," he said. "This creates merger opportunities for other firms — if the economics work and culture is compatible — or a chance to enhance their specifications by picking up selected professionals and niche groups."

"The same lack of planning could cause a talent void as experienced Boomer specialists depart; leaving behind younger professionals who may not be fully prepared ready to step in," Kotler noted. "Clients, impatient for their new advisors to get up to speed may look elsewhere."

Those firms that have prepared their future leaders for the departure of the Boomers will gain an edge, Kotler explained.

"Their generation will take the best of the past while applying their understanding of today's faster pace, new technologies, and changes in client expectations," he said. "Other young professionals may see the opportunity to fill the Boomer shoes combined with the stability of an accounitng career, and be more inclined to stay in the profession instead of chancing the ongoing volatility in the corporate world."

Kotler earned a bachelor's degree in acocunting from New York University. He also earned a master of Business Administration in Taxation at New York University while simultaneously attending Cardozo Law School, where he earned a juris doctor degree. In 1985, he obtained his license as a certified public accountant in New York. Kotler was also admitted to practice law before the New York courts and the United States Tax Court in 1983.

He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. Kotler is also a member of the American Bar Association Section of Taxation and the New York State Bar Association. At Apple Bank for Savings, he serves as director and is a member of the Assets and Liabilities Committee and the Loan Committee.

Berdon LLP is consistently ranked among the nation's top 30 CPA firms. Its professionals include some of the leading minds in accounting who collaborate to find the right solutions — from the practical and straightforward to the wholly new and groundbreaking.

Advising many prominent closely held organizations and the people that lead them, Berdon recognizes and plans for the complex interplay between the needs and goals of the business, the family, and the individual. With more than 400 professionals and staff — at offices in Jericho and New York City — Berdon offers specialized expertise and dedicated service teams to advise on almost every aspect of a business, from startup through growth and diversification to transition.