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2015 Amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Kayte Steinert-Threlkeld 06.06.2016 | BERDONLLP | RICOH

Recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were prompted by a number of factors, including today’s data explosion, the increasing costs associated with the eDiscovery process, and the ability to more efficiently use technology. 

These current eDiscovery challenges and the responses made in the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were the topic of discussion at a CLE presentation Thursday, June 2, at Berdon LLP. The presentation to about two dozen attorneys was made by Mark A. Moore, Esq., National Program Manager, Ricoh Legal, and moderated by Berdon’s Paul Ribaudo, CPA, CFE, CFF, CITP, and Chair, Litigation Services.

Though 10 specific rules were affected, a number of main themes and goals emerge from the various changes, Moore said. Those themes include:

  • Increased cooperation among lawyers;
  • Preservation of data;
  • Early and active judicial case management; and
  • Proportionality in discovery.

What remains to be seen, according to Moore, is whether these amendments are simply “a memorialization of the rules or real change,” with the truth falling “somewhere in between.”

Designed to speed up the litigation process, encourage cooperation between attorneys, and encourage thoughtfulness about the discovery process, the regulations are likely to be tweaked again by the Rules Committee next year, Moore said.

For a detailed look at the key changes made to the amendments, click here

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