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Tag-Along and Drag-Along Rights: A Valuation Analyst's View

John D. Agogliati III, CFA,ASA and Ross Hurwitz 05.13.2015 | Law360

Berdon valuation professionals John D. Agogliati III, CFA, ASA and Ross Hurwitz analyze the impact of "tag-along" and "drag-along" rights often found in governing agreements of closely held entities: 5.13.15 Law360.

Attorneys and investors will gain insights on how a valuation professional examines tag-along and drag-along provisions and how they connect with the specific facts and circumstances of the interest being valued.  These provisions raise important structuring issues when drafting or amending operating agreements. Characteristics such as the nature of the interest (minority/majority), the size of the interest, and the specific language of the tag-along and drag-along provisions need to be analyzed for their impact on the discounts for lack of control and lack of marketability.

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